Monday, July 8, 2013

Traveling Toel Toys!

Recently a little Sweetie Pie in our lives moved away...I wanted her to have something special to take with her and I found some wonderful wooden dolls in one of my drawers.  Just the thing to make a tiny going away gift!

I thought about using felt to decorate the dolls...seems that felt is always one of my first thoughts.  But, in considering how she might play with the dolls I decided I wanted something a little sturdier and less likely to come apart.

The dolls have a very simple shape so I did some sketches of us to see what might work...
There I am in a purple dress (of course!) and I am holding a needle and some thread.  One of the things that this Sweetie Pie and I do together is 'Stitching'! Brian is next with his bass guitar and his Fender baseball cap.  Madison has her camera around her neck and a paintbrush in her hand.  Lane has her wonderful short hair and is holding a wooden spoon and some thread.  It is hard to see, but both of the girlies are wearing tutus!
I wrote a little note on the bottom and gave them a coat of acrylic spray and they were good to go.
I 'stitched' up a drawstring bag and they were ready to travel.

Now we can accompany our little Sweetie Pie where ever she goes!

xoxo       Elizabeth

Monday, July 1, 2013

A Little Gathering

Since I have shared the Bride's gift with you I thought that now I would share the little get-together that we had after the ceremony.
I always love a chance to pull out my vintage treasures...and the Bride is a fan of vintage too so it was just perfect!

Luckily my garden had a few roses...and my old teapots always work well as vases.
We served some fancy Martinellis...
and shortbread cookies (for our family recipe click here)  on one of Nonnie's beautiful serving platters.
It was nice to share a bit of time after such a happy occasion!

Congratulations to the happy couple...Bride and Groom!

xoxo      Elizabeth