Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beach Time

Last weekend while visiting my sis we made a short trip to the was supposed to be a longer trip, we were supposed to have the dogs, and we were supposed to bring lunch....but we all got tired and lazy and it turned in to a quick trip in the afternoon!
It was a little bit chilly as you can see here...and...that is my favorite way to go to the beach.  I am not one for hours and hours in the sun.  I do love the sun (well not the 105 degree sun so much), but sitting out in the sun I do not this was came my flip flops and out I went for pics.

We were at Moss Landing and the stacks were getting some fog...I love fog...when I'm not driving.
The colour of the seaweed was just stunning...
and the driftwood and shells were abundant.

I saw some different types of wildlife....

and then some very strange occurrences...

never did quite figure out how this might have come about...someone said that is a lot of woodpeckering!

And then there was this discovery....
a lone baby doll in a bucket!!!
Maybe this little munchkin has something to do with that!

I decided that I wanted a pic of my sis and me...and I am always seeing people on blogs who just hold out their camera and snap a pic back at themselves....
I think I need more practice!
So, Lane helped me out.
It was a great hour at the beach!!!

Can't wait to go back!

xoxo        Elizabeth

Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Anniversay!

A year ago this week a happy thing happened in our family....

These two got married!  My brother, Bradley William, and his sweetie Tina.

It was a magical wedding, in an unbelievably beautiful garden...attention paid to every detail.

Such a gorgeous spot for a wedding...
and such lovely and personal touches...vintage table cloths...
garden flowers, our Mom's special lady....
flowers at each table...and for each guest a small bud vase picked just for them!
We were served a vegetarian feast...if my memory serves...this was one of seven courses...each one better than the one before it! There was lavender lemonade and fancy sparkling water....all topped off by some of the prettiest and tastiest cakes....
this is just one of the many cakes that were many unique flavors ( and all of the ones I tasted were delicious!).
Brad and his lovely bride, Tina, had a hand fasting ceremony - and I was lucky enough to get to make their hand fasting cord.  Here I am sewing on the last touch...special charms that they each picked out.

The cord turned out just right - if I do say so myself!
So their hands were fastened....
they jumped the broom....
and they were hitched!
Here are the three of us kiddos...Jennifer, me, and Bradley...
Bradley and his kiddo, Dominique...
my dad and Brad...
my dad and Tina....

and my girlies with assorted people!

 In the tradition of handfasting and such we all created a basket full of special little gifts to signify what brought them together and what we wish for their future...
I love this photo and it is a perfect symbol of the day because each of us left with wonderful memories and good wishes wrapped up in our hearts.

To my brother, Bradley, and his bride, Tina,  I wish you many years full of love, understanding, happiness and togetherness.  Happy Happy Anniversary!

xoxo      Elizabeth, E or Zippy!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Girlies Amaze Me

There are lessons you need to learn as a your children grow you need to grow also.

For me, gone are the days of making all of the decisions, of jumping in to help, of leading the way.  Now is the time to peel away the layers as my wise dad has said.  My girlies don't need me hovering over their every move any more.  They need me to be there at the side line...supporting, watching, having their back as it were.

And what comes of this stepping back, letting them take charge is a wondrous thing to witness. 

When the girlies were little we did art projects together.  I would guide them...tell them what might look nice.



As they got older I realized that their art projects needed to be just that - their art projects. So I stepped back and was so thrilled to see what came from their souls.




When we first started cooking together the girlies might stir a little bit or add in the chocolate chips.  Now when we cook they are making up their own recipes, trying a new technique, reinventing an old recipe.  If I step back... they step forward...and Voila! I get to see who they are...and I am pleased - oh so pleased.

This peeling away or stepping back, if you will, is not easy for a Mom.  After all when they were small they needed us to survive, we had to make sure they were strong enough to stand..then walk...then run. And now the very hardest part - realizing that they can do all of that and more - on their very own. 

Oh I know that they need me, that they love me, that I still play an important part...but it is a different part.  It is the part where I watch them do it on their own, where I get to see them figure it out, where I get to be amazed at what they come up with.  Sometimes it is hard to keep my mouth shut or my hands off - but when I do it is so worth it!  Because I get to witness my girlies becoming themselves.

I am a proud, thankful and happy Mama!

I love you my girlies...and my Brian who had a little hand in making them and raising them up!

xoxo     Elizabeth a result of creating this post I realized that I have way too few photos of the girlies and I and even less of Madison and I....she is after all usually the photographer!  In the future you can plan on seeing photos of me and both my girlies!