Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring = Boutique

Come on over to the house on Saturday...we are having a little boutique!
I've made some new earrings...
the Spring mice are here...
and my 'Forever' corsages turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself!
The pincushion idea that has been in my little head for a while is working well...
and Stacy and I collaborated on some baby hats that are adorable!
My wonderful girlies will be making special cookies...there will be iced tea and come by for a chat and look at all our fun Spring items! 

I have some new hair accessories, some fairy wands, some new tiny knitted purses...lots to peruse and we love to visit!

We'll be here at the house this Saturday, April 2nd from 1 to 6 with everything set up for you to look at!  Hope to see you!

email me if you have any questions....

xoxo      Elizabeth

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring = Cherry Blossoms

To me there is no better harbinger of Spring than the cherry blossom...
When I was going to Berkeley I met a wonderful friend, Eric, he is Japanese and at that time volunteered at the Golden Gate Park.  At one point he had some cherry trees that had come from San Francisco's sister city in Japan.  I was lucky enough to be the recipient of one of these trees.
 Not having an appropriate place at the time for this amazing gift...we planted the tree at my mom and dad's house.
Every year it rewards us with these gorgeous blossoms...and announces that Spring is on it's way...

Thanks for taking care of the tree all these years Dad!!!  You raised it up right!

xoxo    Elizabeth

Monday, March 21, 2011

Twistin' the Night Away!!!

The last time we got together with our cooking buddies we did some crafting and some pretzeling!

Pretzels are so fun to make, but don't quadruple the recipe like we did cause it just makes things kinda crazy!

The recipe we used was from... The Tasty Kitchen.

Tasty Kitchen is Pioneer Woman's recipe site and there are always good recipes to be found there.

So if you go here you can just print the recipe out!

The recipe says that it makes only 8 in my infinite wisdom I decided that we of course would need more than that!!!  Well I am sure you can see the writing on the wall...
after mixing...

and rising...
and shaping...we had pretzels coming out of our ears!
Everyone had lots of fun practicing - and yet we just couldn't figure out how they do it in those pretzel shops...they just fling the dough around and Voila! make a pretzel.
We got the hang of it...and made some pretty nice pretzels.
One of the fun things about making pretzels is that they have to be put in hot water with baking soda before you bake them...
I think it makes the outside a bit chewy...
Of course we had to have a snack and Madison spread banana bread with cream cheese frosting for us.  These baking days are not for the meek!
We coated the pretzels with butter and some got salt while others got cinnamon sugar!
Look how pretty and they were very yummy!

While the pretzels were baking the girlies made purses from old pairs of jeans.

Here is the link if you would like to make one yourself...Thread Banger
They are fairly easy to make...
and good for practicing a little bit of machine sewing.
They have a cute braided handle...and I think next time we get together there will be some decorating!
The girlies pulled the pattern up on Lane's new Ipad and just followed the tutorial.
They may have gotten a little side-tracked at times!
So off to ballet the girlies went...tummies full of pretzels and new bags on their arms!

Try making some pretzels...just do it one recipe at a time!

xoxo     Elizabeth

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Reclaiming the House!

The family and I recently had a discussion about our house...should it be decorated for 'company' or should it be arranged for how we live in it?  For example...I do my sewing in the living room while we are all watching our shows together - on a card table with TV trays and such around me to hold the things I need....well if that is where I am going to sew all the time then maybe it should be a little prettier and a little more permanent! is my new 'old' desk!!!!!!!!  I originally painted this desk years ago - before I even had any girlies!  I believe it was my Honey's desk...and I truly love it. 
As  you can see it has shelves and drawers - lots of places to put stuff!
It is nice and large so I can fit a lot of my favorite things on it!  I just need to leave some room to work!
Here is a letter box that my Honey (my mom's dad) made for me. 
With beautiful Columbine flowers painted on it...
and sitting next to it - a doll from my mom's room, a gift from someone that loved her!
Her name (the doll's!) is Great Aunt Nita...and look at that sweet face.
You can never have too many Sharpies and I am a big fan of Miss Spider.
While I was cleaning up I found some cute little boxes that I didn't want to get rid of - so I put some stuff in them and set them on my desk!
Here is a clay piece that my wonderful friend, Karen, made me many years has scenes from my birthplace - San Francisco (or as we call it, The City) on it.  And next to it a fun Ebay find...a Bakelite container.
You can see the front of it here...and....
it opens up like this!
As I sit at my desk I can see some notes that are special to me...
on my lamp and....
on the piece of board that covers the top of the desk...

this one is just I can measure while I am sewing!
Some buttons I like...I save cool wrappers (you know, gonna make something with them one day!)...and fortunes saved for my Lane (she's gonna make something with them one day too!).
Some teeny notebooks that we made...
and my newest form of storage - Mason jars!  I am keeping them on the coolest old gum rack that has a story all it's own that I will share with you one day!

Well that is my new space...just the beginning of changes around here - this weekend we tackled the family room and it looks great too! The family room is where all my flamingos are and I really want to show them to you - but the room is very dark and so far my photos haven't turned out well.  I think I may have to enlist Madison and her new camera to do the job for me!

The consensus on decorating for us is - a little of both - pretty for company (and us!) and practical for how we live also.

Next we will deal with our classroom which, because Lane graduates from 8th grade this year, will become our studio - a place for all our combined art supplies.  I'll let you know how that goes!

xoxo    Elizabeth