Monday, July 8, 2013

Traveling Toel Toys!

Recently a little Sweetie Pie in our lives moved away...I wanted her to have something special to take with her and I found some wonderful wooden dolls in one of my drawers.  Just the thing to make a tiny going away gift!

I thought about using felt to decorate the dolls...seems that felt is always one of my first thoughts.  But, in considering how she might play with the dolls I decided I wanted something a little sturdier and less likely to come apart.

The dolls have a very simple shape so I did some sketches of us to see what might work...
There I am in a purple dress (of course!) and I am holding a needle and some thread.  One of the things that this Sweetie Pie and I do together is 'Stitching'! Brian is next with his bass guitar and his Fender baseball cap.  Madison has her camera around her neck and a paintbrush in her hand.  Lane has her wonderful short hair and is holding a wooden spoon and some thread.  It is hard to see, but both of the girlies are wearing tutus!
I wrote a little note on the bottom and gave them a coat of acrylic spray and they were good to go.
I 'stitched' up a drawstring bag and they were ready to travel.

Now we can accompany our little Sweetie Pie where ever she goes!

xoxo       Elizabeth


  1. Hi Elizabeth what a cute and clever idea, and you certainly would think of something so sweet, and sentimental.... wish your Mom were here to see how everyone is doing in their life, but I think she knows and is at peacce... Just missing her very much.. I must have missed something because which little Sweety is leaving and to where? Love to you all, Marlene

  2. Marlene, I hope you check this message because I seem to have the wrong email for you!!! Send me something so I can be in touch again. Colleen and Galaxy moved to Redding. Colleen got married and so it is a happy move, but we miss them so much. I miss Mom every day - I try to tell myself that if she hadn't loved us so well we wouldn't miss her so it is a good thing.

    xoxo Elizabeth