Monday, December 23, 2013

How It Went...

For some reason this year felt like my first Adult-in-charge Thanksgiving...the sis was in Chicago, the cooking daughter, Lane, was not feeling well and that left Brian and Madison and I.  I was past 50 before I ever even attempted cooking a turkey, so you can see why Thanksgiving might feel like a stretch for me. But. We. Did. It.

My girlie, Madison, who is usually the cookie maker stepped up and cooked all kinds of things! She and I and her Dad worked it all out (what we were cooking anyway...we had some help - Thanks Geneva!)
The ingredients came out and all kinds of things were made!

The turkey was moist, the mashed potatoes were tasty, the rolls came out perfect, the cauliflower roasted up yummy....

and the pies were pretty and delicious!

We managed to pull it off!

Then that weekend I did something I have been wanting to do for years...
I (with Brian and Madison's help, Lane was still under the weather) attended a craft faire in Modesto!

I would say it was a great success! We met lovely people, we sold stuff and my friend Kay was there to visit with!

Kay makes wonderful creatures and garden art...just look at all of their little personalities!

Some cooking, some eating, some crafting, some selling....quite the Thanksgiving Holiday!

xoxo     Elizabeth

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