Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Just When Is Christmas Over???

Around our house the question always is...when do the Christmas decorations come down?

Our tree is still up...and Lane made a comment last night that I liked...she said that the tree was a happy thing and it seemed like winter not just Christmas. That's the girl Lane! Your Mama couldn't have said it better herself! After all I am still pretty far away from my personal best - leaving Christmas up til February!

So, we had lots of gifts this year (as always!). Everyone around here just loves gifts...the giving almost more than the getting!

Here are some givens and gottens!

I made a fox pillow for a special little someone...
Madison got a souvenir for her Chinese performance in Nutcracker...

I got two new flamingo items!!!! A fun ornament (Thanks Brenda and Brianna!) and a Flamingo book! Madison gifted me the adorable book...partly because I love flamingos and partly because the little girl in the book wears a bathing cap. One year I insisted that I was going to wear a bathing cap at the pool. Not just any bathing cap one of those with all of the flowers plastered all over it! Well needless to say the family vetoed my bathing cap idea...but I do still love them.  This is the sweetest little words just the most wonderful illustrations.
My sweet sister made me these amazing matryoshka dolls...I think that one is winking at me!

So all in all the giving and the getting was very good.  But, the jury is still out on the question....

Just when do you take the decorations down!?

I will do it in time that is!

xoxo     Elizabeth

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