Tuesday, May 3, 2011

There are all kinds of heroes

This last week we got to see a hero in action...
we were visiting friends up in these beautiful hills...having lots of fun - cooking, talking, watching movies, playing games - when suddenly there was a noise and someone yelled "Fire! Run! Outside!"  Well as you can imagine my girlies and I didn't quite know what was going on...were we supposed to be running from a fire? Should we be gathering up special belongings?  Should we grab a nearby animal??? We were a bit confused....until we heard..."grab the camera!"  Then we knew...we were safe, but there was something extraordinary about to happen.

We followed our friends to the top of their property and sure enough there was smoke...
and a helicopter....
hauling a huge bucket.  The helicopter was literally making circles around the property - filling this bucket and dumping it over the fire.
Madison got some fantastic shots as we all stood there in awe of this amazing pilot who during some mighty strong winds was maneuvering his helicopter (loaded down with many gallons of water) as if it were nothing!

Just amazing........everyone watched with breath held...
even the horses and goats stopped what they were doing and gave their full attention.
Annie ran herself ragged trying to keep up with that helicopter!  She chased it along the property line on it's way to the nearby pond where it was filling the bucket...and then back up the property as it approached the fire and dumped it's load of water.
 The feeling you get watching something like this is hard to describe...this pilot was risking his (or her) life to make sure that we on the ground remained safe and sound.  We knew we were in the presence of a hero...and yet we had no way of letting that person know just how thankful we were.
So here is a shout out to that brave soul that protected us and the hills that day...
Thank you!!! Thank you for making us safe, for keeping us from harm's way...for protecting the hills that surround the homes of families.  We all wished we could have invited you for dinner!

Every so often - or maybe all the time...we need to pause and give thanks for the people whose job it is day in and day out...to keep all of us safe.  Those men and women who while doing their daily jobs make it possible for us to live the lives that we do.

There are so many of you and I am thankful.

xoxo    Elizabeth

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  1. I say thanks to them every year. They are amazing and brave!