Friday, May 6, 2011

The view is different from up here....

Recently my dad had a chance to tour around our area in a small plane (thank you Mr. Sanford) and he borrowed my camera...
and it's true...we really do live in an agricultural area!
You can see our Bear Creek running through this photo

Sometimes when you live in the midst of a neighborhood it is easy to forget that this Valley provides so much for so many.

But, here's the proof...and isn't it beautiful!

 Here you can see the contrast pretty and agriculture - side by side.'s another thing we are proud of ...our University!  UC Merced!!! The home of the Bobcats and the infamous Fairy Shrimp.  That is Lake Yosemite out there beyond the UC.
We love going out to the lake.  It is cooler out there, and if feels like you are in another place entirely. You can take a walk, get a snack at the snack bar...even ride a paddle boat.
This is looking back towards the University from past Lake Yosemite. (I am relatively sure about that!) is one of my favorite places in all of Merced...the water tower marks the can see Bear Creek is nearby...see that red roof directly behind the water tower??? Mom and Dad's house!!!

Well that concludes our tour of Merced...please return your seats to the upright position, fasten your seatbelts, and prepare to land!

Thanks for the tour Dad!

xoxo     Elizabeth

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