Friday, June 3, 2011


Brian loves a good cocktail and we have created a nice bar area in our dining room. Now, I don't mean to make it sound as if the drinking in our family is one-sided...but it sort of is.  I love the taste of fancy cocktails...but I am quite the light weight!  I rarely ever finish even my first drink!  But I do love to try new things and it is fun at parties to make a special drink or come up with non-alcoholic concoctions for the girlies and their friends.
Over the years we have gathered some cute and interesting bar items.
I just love these little guys!
It has been fun during our trips to antique and thrift stores to pick up items here and there.

And sometimes we are gifted some pretty fun things too!

When Brian and I are lucky enough to go on a little trip we like to bring along cocktail fixin's or wine or some such treat.  My mom and dad always had a little travel bar and so when I found this I knew that I needed it for Brian...(had to leave the label on cause it's vintage!)
With some retro images I was able to customize the outside...
It's always five o'clock (cocktail hour) somewhere in the world!
Our own vintage travel bar!!!

Speaking of cocktails....just yesterday I introduced my friend to her first favorite summer cocktail.  As soon as it finally heats up here I will share that recipe with you!  So fresh and cool - perfect for sipping on a hot summer day.


xoxo    Elizabeth

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