Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day Daddy

This Father's Day I want to share some things about my Dad...and yes...54 years old and I still call him just seems right.
My Dad is one of the 'Good Guys' ....we were raised hearing about the 'Good Guys'...the ones who did the right thing no matter how hard, the ones who put others first, the ones who you would want around when things get tough...yes my Dad is one of those 'Good Guys'.

I love to talk to my Dad...
 He thinks things over a lot...and so he has a lot of good stuff to say.
It's fun to play games with Dad...he taught us cribbage and pinochle...and I think he is the one who taught me to play solitaire!

Dad has a short friend who goes almost everywhere with him...they are quite the pair.
Dad has a soft spot for those who serve and protect...he has taught us all to hold them dear in our hearts...and he has been known to get a bit choked up while sharing a story about some one's sacrifice or service.
 We are all wiser because of the wealth of information that Dad shares with us...he introduces us to topics, ideas, and points of view that help us learn and grow.
Born is San Francisco, the love of that city - in fact in our family we call it 'The City' (is there any other!?) - has been passed down to all of us.
Dad does nice calling Madison to tell her the wisteria is in bloom so she can take a picture, or going to a friend's house and fixing something that is broken or working long hours for Habitat for Humanity to build a family a home.  He has taught us all about service to others and doing something for someone else with a smile in your heart.

My Dad loves his children and grandchildren like no body's business....he gives the best hugs of anyone I know...but the greatest gift my Dad has given to all of us...

is the love and devotion he has given to his bride...Barbara, our beloved Mom and Grammy.  Through his actions he has shown us what real love is... what it looks like, feels like and how it makes everything better.

There are no words, Daddy, to express what you mean to me...I think you know though because you hug me like you do and I can hear the smile in your voice when you say "I love you too" after I've said it to you.

Thank you for all of these things and more...Happy Father's Day

xoxo     Elizabeth Anne


  1. Liz what a loving tribute to your Dad. He is one of those good guys! Karen :)

  2. Thanks so much Karen!!! I am a lucky daughter.

  3. Just beautiful,Elizabeth and truer words were never spoken! God bless you all! Barb Ryan

  4. Those words are the truest description of your dad, something almost impossible to put into words. You all are special, and I'm happy to know each one of you.

  5. Thank you Allie! Such nice things to say! We love you!


    Barb...thank you! Xo