Thursday, July 21, 2011

Something Funny Going On Here.....

There is an exotic female living in my dad's front yard!  Sounds shocking doesn't it?  But really it's ok - it is just this amazing Cycad!

This wonderful plant has been carted from here to there by my dad for years. Moved with us from house to house until finally it has found it's most happy do we know that...well just look at what it did...

A month or so ago Dad walked me over to his well traveled Sago Palm (not a palm or a fern actually, but a member of the Cycad family...Cycas revoluta...) and this is what I saw!!!

The center of the plant had become this funny mess of stuff...orangey seed like things wrapped in fuzzy shapes....strange and interesting. You just want to keep going back for another look! 

Well, my dad is a patient man ( as evidenced by the many times he lovingly dug this plant up and brought it with him)...and just this last week he showed me his plant again....

Right out of that strange mess had grown a whole new set of beautiful fronds! 
So brand new that they were still curled on the ends!

Some research has revealed that a Sago producing the orangey seeds and such is a female plant (the male produces a cone) and so now my dad has the pleasure of visiting an exotic lady when ever he likes!
She'll just need a minute to get the knots out of her hair!

So all of the digging and replanting of this special plant has paid off and we are all enjoying one of nature's many miracles. 

Thanks Daddy!

xoxo       Elizabeth

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