Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Sometimes the art room at Tomodachi Gakko just seems a bit we work I think "How will this ever all come together!?"
...but somehow the sacks of concrete...
the bits of shell and glass....
the burlap, the pieces of paper, the wooden discs....somehow they all turn into pieces of art!

Our Family Trees....
...and some stepping stones!!! Well lots of stepping stones actually - about 70 of them!  My poor Madison mixed the concrete for all 70 of them!!!  Those ballerinas are strong!
 The crazy art lady is awesome!   Thank you Sarah!!!!

I love the look of the tables after the art is done...I always hate throwing the papers out!

The art room always makes some thank you gifts for people that help out at Gakko...but this year....
I got a Thank You gift!!!!
This is my last year in the art room at Tomodachi Gakko...and this sweet note made me feel so good!  Thank you girls!!!

I have enjoyed the experience of Tomodachi Gakko so much - I have met so many wonderful people and learned so much more about a culture that I have always loved.  Thank you to everyone for the gift of Gakko!!!!!!


xoxo       Elizabeth

PS....Thank you to Madison - most of the photos in my Gakko posts are hers!