Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Funny Twist of Fate

When I was a junior in high school....just before my boyfriend took me to the prom - I CUT ALL MY HAIR OFF!!!   I can not recall exactly why I did it...except that I had always wanted curly hair.  My new hair was very short and very curly (but without naturally curly hair I am guessing that there were some rollers involved - can't quite remember) and it was truly a 'round ball head' hair cut!

I wonder now just what that special boy - or young man - thought when he saw me...but he never made me feel anything but beautiful.

In a funny twist of fate just recently (and in her junior year!) my oldest told me she wanted to cut all her hair off!  This coming from some one who could be brought to tears by mentioning that her hair might need a trim....

Her wonderful Auntie Colleen agreed to do the honours....

 That is Madison's 'I'm excited and scared' face...and Colleen's 'getting ready to work' face.
A pony tail was made so the hair could be sent to Locks of Love...
...and off came the hair!  No turning back now...
careful consideration was given to each cut...
notice the red lipstick in anticipation of a wonderful new hair style!
...and Voila!  Our beautiful girl and her beautiful new hair style!

So my long haired beauty...
has turned into....
my short haired beauty!!!!!!

 and they are still friends - even after all that hair came off!!!!

Funny how two different people can at the same time in their lives do something so similar....maybe there is something to that old saying - Like Mother...Like Daughter

Your junior year....a time for change, for experimenting, for trying something new!

Wonder what Lane will do.....her hair is already short!

xoxo       Elizabeth

PS   Can you tell which are Madison's photos?  They are a little more artistic looking!


  1. Oh my Mama... I love so much that we happened to make the same choice at the same time in our lives. I can only hope that my life will contain as many wonderful journeys as yours did. As silly as it sounds (cause I know it does) I feel like this hairstyle change has helped me get ready for all that is to come. Starting my Senior year is huge and I feel so ready to take it on with my new Short! hairdo... though looking at the pictures of my curls does make me a little sad. I love you so much. Madison

  2. My sweet girlie I love you too! I am excited for you for all the wonderful things ahead. Funny things like hair cuts can give us the extra confidence we need at is going to be a great year this Senior year!!!

    love and xoxo Mom