Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Reason to Relay

It all started with a request for boobie cupcakes....it used to be that in 'polite' society you didn't talk about breasts.  That has all changed (and for the good) with The American Cancer Society's campaign against Breast Cancer!  Boobie talk is everywhere!  And when our friend Annie asked the girlies if they would like to bake boobie cupcakes for the Atwater Relay for Life - of course they said YES!
There was some discussion about how the boobies would be formed...can you name these parts?
Can you find the boobie?
Well, 4 1/2 batches of frosting, 72 cupcakes, some sliced and dipped marshmallows and a couple of handfuls of pink Good n Plentys later...Voila!  Boobies everywhere!

I'm sure everyone has heard of The American Cancer Society's Relay For Life...

That is where our cupcakes were headed.  Our wonderful friend, Annie, had her own team at a local relay this year.  Annie is an inspiration  - she is in her third battle with cancer and teaches us all everyday about positive thinking, giving back, and living life to the fullest.
This is Annie and I at last year's relay

Having a team for relay is a lot of work...Annie's Team Sofranek had signs,
she gave everyone a T-shirt...
it even involves sleeping out overnight...You see the idea behind relay is that Cancer never sleeps and so there is someone walking the track for 24 hours straight.  The team members take turns and all through the day and night some one represents and walks the track. 

 Of course raising money is a big part of Relay for Life and that is done in as many ways as people can creatively come up with.  Thus the boobie cupcakes were sold at relay.  I donated a flower pot full of my handmade items that was raffled off.

Annie's team made over $3000!!!!  All together the Atwater Relay for Life made $95,000 - what an amazing contribution to finding a way to rid the world of this ugly disease.

In keeping with the Team theme Annie had baseballs, footballs, basketballs, volleyballs...you get the idea...for people to write their own reason for doing the relay on.  She displayed these so people could read them as they visited her 'camp' site.

Madison was a trooper (and relay is full of people young and old who are troopers just like her)...she raised some $$$, she (with Lane's help of course!) made the cupcakes, she helped Annie on Friday night, she helped set up the 'camp' site on Saturday, spent the night - walking several times and once in the early morning hours all by her lonesome, and helped tear down the 'camp' site on Sunday.  Madison loves relay and she did it all with a smile on her face...after all... it's for Annie! And as she wrote on her basketball...

"My Grammy was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Watching her go through chemo and radiation broke my heart.  But her strength inspired me.  I relay to spread cancer awareness and to honor the women who show their strength in the fight against cancer."

Boobie cupcakes are silly...but selling boobie cupcakes to fight this battle is not silly at all. 

xoxo       Elizabeth

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