Sunday, November 13, 2011

Watch Your Step!

A lot of times I am so busy looking around - up, down, here, there...that I am not really watching where I am going - just more of what I am going past...luckily I was doing just that when I came across...

these crazy little things just beginning to poke out of the soil.  They caught my eye and it took me a bit to figure out just what they were.

Funny fungi just making their way into the forest...
and possibly turning into something like this...

my...what a creation!

Then upon looking up - there was more wonder to discover...

Makes you feel kind of small - and not so old!

and a bit of one of my favorites - the delicate green moss that tells you which way is North!

So next time you are out and about - don't just look where you are going....take a look at what you are passing by and enjoy!

xoxo       Elizabeth

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