Thursday, December 8, 2011


Well the magic of Nutcracker has come and gone...and what a Nutcracker it was!

Things came off without too much kicking or screaming....

There was actually quite a bit to laugh about - and then there were those moments where you laugh because you just don't want to cry...
Like this one...when despite the lovely dancing we can see that trouble is brewing.  All that nice smoke in the picture is supposed to be fog - lying along the floor.  Instead of staying down it went up and then set off the smoke alarm!!!!
Then there was the Nut Boat incident...there was a small accident and the mast and snowflakes came crashing down!  But a nice Ballet Mom (thanks Sam!) called her handy hubby (thanks Mike!) and he fixed it better than ever!
Some comic relief put us all into hysterics when Mother Ginger showed up with very big hair and a bright pink bow!
AND THEN one of the Ballet Moms popped out from under her skirt!!!!!
My cheeks hurt from laughing!

But in all seriousness the show was just fabulous!  All of the dancers did so well and everyone worked together to make the sets, the costumes and the special effects the best ever!

On a personal level my girlies danced together on stage in two dances...
and Flowers!!!

Lane was a beautiful Spanish Dancer...
And Madison had her first Pas de duex...

A big thanks to her partner, Steven, you did a wonderful job!

As for costumes and such....

We had a cannon this year and as you can see it actually worked!!! (thanks Wally!) No mice or soldiers were injured in the process!

We made some new rat heads this year (thanks Colleen and Margie!) and they looked fantastic!  Brian voted for the battle as his favorite part of the Nutcracker!!!

Our cake got all spruced up and look at that gorgeous skirt it has (thanks Annie!).

Madison made a beautiful wand and crown for the Sugar Plum dance and Lane made all new candies for the Bon Bons to carry in to the Land of Sweets...(I couldn't find a picture of the candies - sorry Lane)

Lots of hours of beading and sewing (thanks Stacy!) made all the costumes very bright and sparkly.

These pictures are from dress rehearsals so you will see an occasional leg warmer or such...not to worry none of them made it on stage in the actual production!

Nutcracker is an amazing experience that I treasure.  It is very hard to put into words the feelings it evokes....for my girlies (and all the wonderful girlies and guys) at the studio to be able to experience dancing a full ballet...there are no words.  For all the help that Ballet Moms and Dads give to make this happen...there are no words.  For the dedication that Jane and Jen have to make this come about....there are no words.  There is just nothing quite like it and I am very thankful to be a part of it.
From the Arabian wings....

to the petal was all just magical.


xoxo       Elizabeth

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