Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hey Red!

My youngest girlie has always known what look is best for started when she was about 3 or 4.
Lane decided that she wanted her long hair cut short.  In my infinite wisdom as a mother I was sure that she was biting off more than she really wanted to chew.  Cut off all that beautiful hair...she must not really understand what she is asking.  So....I made her wait... and wait... and wait!  A year later when she was still asking I finally gave in - and I learned a lesson.  Lane knows what looks good on Lane!  Her hair cut was adorable!

So recently when Lane asked if she could put some colour in her hair I said "Of course!  What do you think you want to do?" ( I am trainable!)

Lane put some thought into it...maybe a bit of blue...maybe some green...and ultimately decided that with her current hair cut all red was the answer.  So she asked her Auntie Colleen for some help and off we all went to Sally's for some red hair colour!
It's a messy process...
and takes lots of patience...
but we had a good time!
First it was red, then it turned a bright pink....
and then (Whew!) back to red!
Now...time for a hair cut...
and then - Voila! - from brunette to......
What a beauty if I do say so myself!
And Lane is off and running..well walking - towards life as a red-head!

Great choice Lane!

xoxo       Elizabeth the wanna be red-head!

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