Monday, January 2, 2012

Some Italian Yumminess...

During our Christmas break we decided to make some favorite foods...we love gnocchi and ravioli and we used to make them with my mom on special occasions.
First I started a pot of sauce so that it could simmer up while we made our doughs and shaped our goodies.
Next a few potatoes for our be truthful I got carried away and we now have enough gnocchi dough in the freezer to feed all of Rhode Island!!!
We made long rolls of our gnocchi dough and then...
Voila! Little gnocchis...I, myself, was not very good at seems I just don't have the knack for gnocchi! 

Next came the ravioli...we even did it the old fashioned way without a pasta machine!
Not bad, huh?
It was a great day of cooking and memories of making all of these treats with Mom.

Thank you Mom for teaching us all this good stuff!  I love you,

xoxo     Elizabeth Anne

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