Friday, April 27, 2012

April etsy Favorites

It is time for another episode of......(doesn't that remind you of an old radio show or something!?)...
etsy Favorites!  Click on the high lighted areas to go directly to the etsy shops.

I have been pining away for something from this shop for a while now....
and then the other day she listed this gorgeous piece!!! Swoon....what could be better - a little something from the sea ( and a far off sea at that! ) and a wonderful vintage style.

Of course you would need want some earrings to go with... and....
what about a lovely ring that also carries a treasure from the sea.  These pieces come all the way from Turkey and the goodies they hold are found on the beaches there.  Visit Star of the Sea to see many more of these amazing trinkets.

And now someone close to home...a potter from Oakland, California...
such delicate work - almost a shame to put anything on this plate!
Wouldn't this make a fun birthday gift - with your own hand made cupcake on top of course!
And, for some bold colour - wouldn't this make a lovely wedding gift - in fact I know someone who is getting married soon and this matches the colours in her wedding!

Go and see all of the other pieces in Whitney's won't be disappointed.

Now I am going to share with you the secret of where I got my fabulous, huge, perfect, tres chic new hand bag....but it is not much of a secret as I tell everyone I can!  And, I know of at least one person that I bragged to that has purchased a bag!  Word of mouth... the best way to go!
Here is my bag!!!!!! ( I got it in black not brown though ) I am so thankful to Beckie Sims from The Leather Store who made my bag and sent it to me all the way from Bristol, England.  It is so well made, has so many pockets, and has a darling lining.  And, thanks by the way to the various people who gave me $$$ for Christmas because that is how I got this bag!

Maybe next year I will get this purple one....
or a fun red back pack!

That's it for go and have some fun on - even if you don't buy anything browsing is just as fun - well almost!

xoxo       Elizabeth


  1. Thank you so much for your kind words and feature about our pieces :)
    Esther & Estella

    1. You are so welcome! It is wonderful 'meeting' people on etsy. One day I hope to have one of your pieces