Tuesday, May 8, 2012


So we headed to the coast this weekend so I could do a boutique with my sis!  And just about now I am realizing that it would be really nice to have a pic of that sis and I to put right here on the blog....missed that photo op!

But Madison took some photos of some cool mailboxes that were on the property for me...

I am not sure just what it is about old mailboxes...but they just make me happy!  We had a nice spot to set up ... nestled in the oak trees...wildflowers in front of us...too bad allergies kicked in!

Here's a pic of the set ups ...this is Jen's stuff...she makes the cutest purses, clutches, market bags, gardening aprons, wristlet purses and little wallets for credit cards and such...

Jennifer's goodies are made with the sewing machine...and she can sew a lot more than just the straight lines that I can!

My stuff is all hand sewn.... ( partially because of the straight line thing ) ...I love the feel of a needle, thread and fabric in my hand!  At this boutique I also made things other than just the hand sewn items...

like for instance - paper mache birds and mushrooms...who doesn't need one of those!?

Brian made me a great new display for my earrings....

I always knew that old printer's tray would come in handy.

 This is what the set up looked like over all....the branches holding the birds and mushrooms were originally on the table top and then the wind came up.  After replacing it about three times I was  ready to just throw it in the car and forget about it when Jenny came up with the idea of tying it to the leg of the table...it's always good to have someone around who's got your back!

We have been having a discussion lately about how we set up...I love going into stores where there is merchandise everywhere and you could just browse for hours...the other side of the coin is that maybe that is just too overwhelming.  Maybe we could still set up with all the vintage items, but keep like things together and have things not quite so mixed up.  Any opinions?  Please leave me a comment!

Some mice and some Spring rings....

and these are the tiny watercolour pics turned into brooches!

Madison made some gorgeous cards with her photos!

I tried out a new technique for making little bowls and you can see some of my little notebooks in the background.

Some hairpins, thought pockets and charm necklaces.

Here is our check out counter and I am sure that you noticed the other vintage suitcases in my display....well...sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't just go into the business of selling those suitcases because just about everyone that comes by wants to buy them!

It was such a nice day...I got to meet some of Jen's co workers...now I have faces to go with the names!  And we got a lovely surprise...our cousin from Mountain View drove down to visit with us!!! So wonderful to see you and get in some great gabbing!

To top it all off did any of you get to see that incredible moon!?  We saw it through the oak trees, over the water on the way home and peeking out through the hills...it was so beautiful it actually made me gasp!  
So there it is... our weekend boutique....I will be doing a local one in June...I will keep you posted!

xoxo      Elizabeth

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