Saturday, June 2, 2012

Beach Art

Back in the day when I hung around the East Bay a lot - there was one section of the highway where you could see that by the edge of the water people had constructed various pieces of art.  These sculptures  always fascinated me.  Only recently did I find out that this section was referred to as the Bulb (in Albany) and that I could have gone there and wandered around...finding even more wonderful things.
This photo credited to Ingrid Taylar...go here to see more

It warms my heart to see that the creative spirit in people will find it's way out...and then we all get to enjoy it!

When we went to the beach a few weekends ago we had a treat....
after sitting and visiting for a while the creative spirit struck and we got to witness art in action!

A bit of salvaging...some hammering with a piece of drift wood...some artistic placement and Viola!
We had our own private art showing!

I many times do we just pass by things that could become something else?  Something fun or beautiful to look at and explore.

With some imagination even an old flip flop can become art!

So many treasures just lying at our feet...yet only one of us thought to do this...

...make some art!!!!

Thank you Tyson! time you are at the know what to do....

Make Some Art!!!!

xoxo   Elizabeth

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