Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beach Time

Last weekend while visiting my sis we made a short trip to the was supposed to be a longer trip, we were supposed to have the dogs, and we were supposed to bring lunch....but we all got tired and lazy and it turned in to a quick trip in the afternoon!
It was a little bit chilly as you can see here...and...that is my favorite way to go to the beach.  I am not one for hours and hours in the sun.  I do love the sun (well not the 105 degree sun so much), but sitting out in the sun I do not this was came my flip flops and out I went for pics.

We were at Moss Landing and the stacks were getting some fog...I love fog...when I'm not driving.
The colour of the seaweed was just stunning...
and the driftwood and shells were abundant.

I saw some different types of wildlife....

and then some very strange occurrences...

never did quite figure out how this might have come about...someone said that is a lot of woodpeckering!

And then there was this discovery....
a lone baby doll in a bucket!!!
Maybe this little munchkin has something to do with that!

I decided that I wanted a pic of my sis and me...and I am always seeing people on blogs who just hold out their camera and snap a pic back at themselves....
I think I need more practice!
So, Lane helped me out.
It was a great hour at the beach!!!

Can't wait to go back!

xoxo        Elizabeth


  1. I want to go to the beach!!! But for much longer than an hour...

  2. Replies
    1. Me too!!! Did you see the comment up above? That's Stacy and next time we need to all go to the beach together! xoxo

  3. Enjoy your pics and blog Elizabeth! I surely need to make a trip to the ocean.....badly!