Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A New Addition

We have a new kitty....we did not plan to have a new kitty....I really did not want a new kitty...but...
none the less...there is a new kitty living in our house.  Brian brought this kitty into the house and I kind of screamed and jumped when he did!  I don't know what I thought was in that cardboard box...after all why would he bring a snake or large spider or such into the house and then ask me to look at it?! But I really didn't want to see a kitty either.  Don't get me wrong, I love kitties, I have been known to have 5 or 6 of them at a time...in the past...when  I was young...not now...I didn't want to take care of a kitty now.
But then Madison saw the kitty - oh, she is such a kitty lover - and she said I will take care of the kitty...I will feed it, I will clean the litter box, I will teach it manners, I will love it and hug it...and she has done just that! Well to be perfectly honest we are still working on the manners thing...
This was a tiny kitty so it needed to be fed every 3 or so hours with this neat little syringe gadget...and Madison did that.  When the kitty got lost in the garage (the kitty was in the garage because I was sure he had all kinds of wild cat diseases...) she found the kitty. When the kitty was afraid she sat with the kitty.  She did all the Mama cat things and now to that kitty she is the Mama!

This kitty is a boy kitty...the only boy other than Brian in our house! And we named him Nick because we found him in December. Cute huh?! Some people have been known to call him Pic-nic...cute too huh?! And do you know what?
I love him too!
He is a bit of a Dickens...he lives in the bathroom a lot, cause he can't be trusted at large in the house on his own.  This is his favorite perch..and mind you that shelf used to be filled with all kinds of cute little antique bathroom items which he knocked right to the floor. Darn that Nick! But....I do love him and Thank You to Madison for being his Mama so I can just love him!

xoxo      Elizabeth Toel

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