Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wedding Blues...just the colour of course!

As you all probably have figured out by now we spend a lot of time at the ballet studio!  This means that some wonderful relationships have formed.  As a group the mothers of the ballerinas call ourselves 'The Ballet Moms'.  One of these ballet moms is throwing a wedding for her eldest daughter this summer.  This particular mom is responsible for many of the wonderful creations in our Nutcracker.  She is capable of thinking in and out of the box and has rescued me several times when I just didn't know what to do next!

I wanted to do a little something for her to show my appreciation and to celebrate this event in her life that so many of us moms...ballet and otherwise...look forward to.  A shower is being held in a few months and many special tea cups have been gathered to create a tea party atmosphere.  I found these delightful little cups and thought they would work perfectly...but...just how I wasn't sure.

I thought and thought and then it hit me...they could be candy dishes! They needed a little something extra though...and so....

I made some tiny felt flowers and sewed them to a thin ribbon...
I tied one to each of the cup handles...

and Viola! Pretty little blue candy dishes!

I liked the end result so much it was hard to gift them away! But the smile and the thank you made it all worthwhile!

xoxo        Elizabeth

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