Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

Recently two someones that we love got married....the wedding was at the court house, but we still felt the Bride needed some of the traditional wedding items.

I am always being teased about all of the treasures that I save...well once again one of my treasures came in handy!  I picked this little box up at a garage sale and it was just the thing I needed to hold the Bride's 'Borrowed and Blue' trinkets.

I went through my stash of vintage cards - and while I was searching got a little bit lost in time - my stash are cards saved from my Nonnie and Honey and there are so many memories there.  When I go through the stack of cards I recognize names that I haven't heard in years and find mementos of birthdays, anniversaries, father's days and mother's days.  It is such a blessing to have these!

I made copies of the cards that I wanted to use so I could cut them up and glue them to the box.
Now with my box all ready to go, it was time for the old, new, borrowed, and blue!
The something old...a vintage hankie...
something new...lip balm...
I water coloured little tags to put with each item
something borrowed... my Lane lent her vintage brooch and it looked just perfect on the Bride!
Something blue...a small journal.

A bit of fancy paper in the bottom of the box, add the trinkets and Voila! - Old, New, Borrowed and Blue!
A special present for a special Bride!

xoxo             Elizabeth

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