Friday, April 26, 2013

Road Trip!!!

Not long ago my newly 18 and adult girlie went on her first road trip...
I wanted to do something special to celebrate this fun and exciting event and decided upon a little scavenger hunt.
I gathered together notebooks, fancy papers, pens, stickers, tape, glue, scissors....
and then I put together a little road trip scavenger hunt!
The idea being that the girls would do the things on their scavenger hunt list and then start to create a journal of their times together.
I got a box and put together a scavenger list for each girlie and the other supplies I had gathered.

I have to say I may have gotten a bit carried away....there are lots of fun scrapbooking/journaling goodies out there!
All packaged up and ready to go I gave it to the girlies just before they got into the car to begin their Road Trip Adventure....

It was so fun when Madison got home to see the photos and share the stories that came about from their Road Trip Scavenger Hunt!

If  you're planning a trip don't forget to make getting there part of the fun!

xoxo       Elizabeth

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