Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Art Time Craft Camp 2013!

As always I had lots of fun with the kiddos at Craft Camp....there are a couple basics of Craft Camp that we try not to change...

Some sort of goodie is always served (after lunch of course!)
And...messy tables are a good thing!

This time we crafted so many things that I am not sure I even got pics of all of them.  The kiddos came at 10am sharp and we crafted right through til 3 with a short break for lunch.

Supplies are always in abundance - having choices while making art is a good thing.
We used some wood chunks (thank you hubby for cutting them!) and foam to make geometric shaped stamps. We even decorated the back of the stamps with decoupaged images - too fun! I was inspired to do this project by one of the blogs I follow....Mermag.

Using stamp pads everyone practiced to see what ideas they could come up with to put their stamps to good use.  The end result was to be an original art piece on canvas.
Do you see the two that are holding hands!?

This student used the stamps to fill in her drawing! And then added the blue background!


A lot of thought went into this one...figuring out just how to get those shapes to do what she wanted!
Voila!!! Look how creative the kiddos were! Fabulous....I was thrilled to send them home with these wonderful art pieces! One of the things I love about doing all of this is seeing what each student comes up with. Given the same instructions and the same materials each student adds their creativity and it is amazing to see the results.

On the last day of class we used the geometric stamps again, but this time with paint on T-shirts. More fantastic results.

We made perpetual calendars on the back of cookie sheets - magnetic of course!
Shrinky Dinks are always fun to do. This time we drew designs and then turned them into bracelets.

Tiny little works of art!

Some paper mache, yarn, and patience while they dry...

add some pretty felt flowers and leaves and there you have it...a pretty bowl to put your special things in!
We did some faux tie-dyeing too!  This looks so great and it is so secure your fabric (we used muslin) with a rubber band over a plastic cup.  In the center draw a design with Sharpies about the size of a quarter. Next with an eye dropper, drip about 10 drops of alcohol (the medicinal kind!) in the middle of the design. Sit back and watch as your 'tie-dye' appears.  We used a piece of muslin about 13" x 30" and filled it with as many design as we could...then I turned them into book bags...

I used old belts (yes I had them in my stash!) for the straps. Don't the kiddo's designs look great?!

So I would say Craft Camp was a success...I sure had a good time!

 I think we might be able to use the saying that is well known in our family....

....and a good time was had by all!......

xoxo         Elizabeth

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