Friday, November 15, 2013


I was sitting at my computer this morning and I heard something that sounded like rain...but it wasn't wet out...I took a look out the window and solved the little mystery...leaves...bright yellow leaves 'raining' down from the pecan tree.  They were calling to me...psst...get your camera...come outside...
So I did.  Even though I was in my jammies - and not even matching jammies! I was in my night gown with flamingo pj bottoms, two sweaters and black footy socks!  But the leaves were calling so on went my polka-dot rain boots and out into the world I went!
And, by the world I mean my backyard where these pictures are proof that there is a lot of raking to be done...oh well a good excuse for exercise and time out of doors.

It was beautiful out there! So glad I went! You can see that there will be a new pecan crop soon.  They are difficult to get out of their shells, but so worth it with their sweet taste.
The Mulberry is turning also...
so pretty.
Like I was saying...lots of work to be done...leaves everywhere...but they are so nice to look at and even jump in! I am remembering the days with little girlies who sat in the piles and jumped in the piles and threw the leaves in the air while I took pictures...Great memories!

I am enjoying this long gorgeous Fall!

Go on out and pick a leaf will make you smile!

xoxo     Elizabeth

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