Friday, October 4, 2013

The Patch!

I'd have to say that Fall, Autumn, The Relief After my favorite time of the year.  After all those hot hot days, you can get your sweatshirts out again! Pumpkin flavored things can be found, the leaves are so pretty, you can work in the yard without wanting to go and lie down...AND...the Pumpkin Patch is open!!!!!!!!!! For one fabulous month everything Fall-ish can be found at the patch.
We lucked was the opening weekend and not too many people were there. It was so peaceful and relaxing.
Can you see the maze peeking through?

There it is!

It's a low one for the kiddos.

I love being under the oak trees....I miss those trees from my days in Morgan Hill.
There is just something about majestic.

This early at The Patch the sunflowers and zinnias aren't blooming and the pumpkins on the vines are tiny, but it is still gorgeous.

The sky was so blue....

One of my good friends adds to the beauty of the patch with her fabulous paintings.  Each year it's fun to see just what her new project will be.

We brought home Butternut Squash and made a wonderful Fall soup..although we ate a bit late because I haven't made the soup since last Fall and I forgot how many steps there were! Tasty though and worth the wait.
I did find one lonely sunflower - I had to climb on things I shouldn't to get this photo and I was perched a bit precariously!

So many to choose from...I don't know which ones I will bring home next time.

So many great colours and textures and shapes.

So, if you start this weekend you can probably make it out to The Patch several times before the end of the month! 

I'm sure I'll see you there!

xoxo       Elizabeth

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