Saturday, October 16, 2010

Getting Ready...

This coming Monday is my deadline (a self imposed one - with some help from my nephew, Jeffrey!) for starting my very own  etsy shop - so I thought I would take the opportunity to introduce you to some of the shops at etsy that I love.  Etsy is a wonderful place where people from all over the world sell hand made items, vintage items, and supplies.  You can shop locally, shop by category, go to a specific shop, search through their many ways to find unique items.

If you love paper goods this shop will be right up your alley...

For hand done paper cards and sculptures -

go here

We have purchased several necklaces from this shop

and we love them!  The images are on scrabble pieces.

Look at this fun bowl...

or these notebooks made from a vintage atlas...
You'll find these and other interesting items here

Whether you are looking for something scary for Halloween

or something cute and unique...

or maybe a pretty piece of jewelry

etsy is the place to go!

So, for now go on over and check it out -

And....come Monday you can go and check my shop out!

With fingers crossed and lots of work to do...

xoxo      Elizabeth

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