Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What a difference a day.... or 12 makes!

Well we have made our second trip to the Patch...and I have to say it was more Fall-ish out there.  And, the sunflowers were blooming!
Ok - some were still napping a bit.... certainly did look different out there!


Now it's a riot of blooms!

And, the orchard...

Look at it now!

"Sigh..."  I wish I could live in an orchard....or maybe just near one...

The Big pumpkins were out this time...and look what they did with them!

A new pumpkin sculpture...

I was going to give you some wonderful info on this unusual squash, but I looked it up the name and these pics don't match...I will do further research!

and all of these wonderful squashes waiting to be made into soups, or stews, or roasted just nice.  I have the best Butternut Squash Soup recipe ( Well, it's Stacy's recipe actually...) that I am gonna share!

How gorgeous is this!?

What a lot of work goes into making this place as wonderful as it is....and I can't even seem to get my little home garden planted!

We enjoyed the patch with friends...that's the best way - anybody want to go?

And here is my beautiful friend, Annie, getting a smooch from her cannot believe the fun that was made of me for requesting this photo....well worth it - I love this pic!

So that's my little bit of Fall for ya....I am loving this cooler weather.

Now...go and buy a butternut and get ready for my Stacy's recipe!

xoxo     Elizabeth

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