Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Scrabble Anyone?

The other day the girlies and I played Scrabble...

It was a beautiful day out and we couldn't decide just what to do - there was a difference of opinion...go on a walk...do a craft...make cookies...play a game....
We compromised on playing a game outside on the porch - I love compromise!

We at first decided we were going to play triple solitaire - it's like solitaire only bigger.
Here we are at the cabin playing quadruple solitaire...no actually I think it was quintruple!

Well, it was a little windy and we feared the cards might blow away...and oh how I hate a deck of cards that is not the full 52!  So we got out the old Scrabble board.

We ended up with one of the worst Scrabble set ups that you could imagine....everything happening in one corner...no words long enough to make other words...we even had to get the dictionary out!  (I know some of you that are true Scrabble players probably always have the dictionary out!)  We soldiered on though until all the tiles were gone...at the end we even added some of our own words...

Can you find them?
Lane had one quite good play where she lumped a bunch of words together with a word that we were sure wasn't real...until she found it in the dictionary!  See if you can guess where that is!

So, we got some sun time, enjoyed some ginger ale, mountain dew, and root beer...and learned some new words!  All in all a good afternoon.

What game should we try next time?

xoxo     Elizabeth


  1. We love Cranium in my family!

  2. I didn't know "iyodel" was a word!!
    I love playing board games with friends and family as well.
    Have a great weekend!!