Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Milestone Moments

Just recently we had a Milestone around here...
this little cutie pie... did this...
and she did it with all of these...
Ok, so that is a bit of a proud Mama moment there - but I am not taking it back! 
Being proud and happy for her we decided to throw her a little party...
We crafted ourselves silly and then went to the pool and BBQed pizza!  So much fun!
First thing we did was put down a funky tablecloth, some napkins and some sharpies..everyone left notes and doodles and now Madison has a special tablecloth and napkins of her very own!

Our theme for the party was X's and O's .... I wanted to display photos of Madison so I made some cubes and added her pics and some custom X's and O's.
We had everyone leave love notes for Madison...

and we made tic tac toe game keepsakes for our guests! (Because of the x's and o's of course!)

There was a lot of fun going on at our "photo booth"...
Can you see the xo garlands in the background?

At times it seems that just a moment ago this girlie was tiny and in my arms, but then I realize that there have been many wonderful years of memories and growing that brought us to this spot.  Madison, you have grown into a young woman that we admire, respect and love to the moon and will be a pleasure to continue to watch your journey.

With all the love of a Mama's heart - Happy Graduation to You!

xoxo         Elizabeth


  1. Oh Mama you made me tear up! I love you to the moon and back ~ Madison

  2. What a delight! Congrats to the Graduate. Such a talented family!!!! oxo

  3. Hi Madison,

    I know what your Mom means it was not that long ago you were so little and Winking a lot at Monte. You were such a beautiful baby and now a beautiful young woman... Your Mom seems to come up with such great looking Parties...did not realize you were going to graduate..Will be sending you a card when back in Calif. Visiting Julie in Illinois nd we did the road trip to Ft. Benning to see Middle Grand-son grad. from Army boot camp.. I just know that you will be a success at what ever you do..Love ya,

    1. Thank you so much Marlene! I remember winking at Monte... I can still do my double wink! I have told my Mama and many others that sometimes I still feel like that little girl... it is crazy to think that I am old enough to be going off to college. That being said I am very excited to see what the future holds!