Thursday, July 12, 2012

Trunk Show!?

I decided to shake things up a bit with the last boutique that I had at my house...why not call it something cute..something a little different...maybe it could be a Trunk Show.  You know, everyone brings their things in a trunk...and sets them out to sell...
Brian even got into the spirit when he designed the invitation - very clever!

And...instead of just me and my trunks I invited some other people to bring their trunks and set things up to sell!
Clutch with matching Wallet
My sister couldn't make it, but she sent her wares! She makes the most wonderful purses, clutches, shopping bags, lunch sacks, garden aprons, laptop and ipad holders and even tiny little purses to fit inside of purses!
Garden Apron
Jennifer has a knack for finding just the right piece of vintage fabric, the cutest piece of new fabric, the funkiest button or a great piece of trim to use...always a little something extra!

I invited a new friend to join us....Elizabeth Buenrostro from Applesauce Designs.
Elizabeth makes these beautiful dolls...
cute, funny rabbits....

and adorable children's clothing!

And...I had a wonderful old (as in I've known her all my life) friend join us...
Purses, wall hangings, table runners

Baby sets
Geneva is a quilter and her work is just amazing. She makes everything from bed sized quilts to bibs!

Then of course I opened my trunks (literally - well suitcases anyway!) and set out my wares...
Headbands and Hairclips


Satin ribbons with felt flower to tie in your hair

Summer Rings
Felt mice
Of course there were treats, we made lemon squares, and a little something to drink!  The sun was shining, there was a wonderful breeze, and there was a lot of visiting!  What a charming way to spend a Saturday in June.   Next time you will have to join us!

xoxo       Elizabeth

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