Friday, July 6, 2012

Food Lane!!!!

This is another edition of the Proud Mama series!!! Now I am going to brag on my youngest!

This beautiful girlie has been cooking for us since she was about 7....and we haven't had to spit anything out yet!

Lane likes trying new techniques...

she has even tackled meringue...

she has no fear (I even caught her using the candy thermometer the other day!) and a great sense of adventure...

last year she announced that she was going to enter a cake making contest!? And she did!!! And she did it well - of course knowing her like we do - we knew that if she was going to do it she would do it well!  Lane jumped right in and taught herself to make fondant and ganache - two things that, rather like the candy thermometer, scare the stuffing out of me!

The year before last we spent almost every Monday of the school year cooking with our good friends. Lane learned about yeast breads, making donuts, wontons, soups and focaccia bread to name a few.
So...what I am trying to tell you is....this girlie can cook! And...she is going to let us all join her in her cooking travels with her new blog Food Lane!

Don't miss a post!  Hurry over to Food Lane right now and start enjoying the adventure of cooking with Lane!
You are in for a treat!

Lane...enjoy your journey into the blog world...can't wait to see where it takes you!

I love you bunches!!!

xoxo       Elizabeth - the chef's Mama

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