Thursday, October 4, 2012

Becoming Real...

Turning ‘real’ as someone close to us has coined it....

What a crazy time to be doing all of this.

It is such a privilege to vote...and such a burden as well.  In this technological world with fast information it is so hard to filter, what is real, what is not...what are the facts...and ultimately - what do I believe?

Personally, I am disappointed in politics....the mud slinging, the spinning, the division - so I would like to say to my daughter, a wonderful young woman, who will be turning 18;  and to all of you wonderful young people out there turning 18, as well, who are getting this privilege of voting...let it all be about something else.

Let it be about the fact that as a nation we are a hardworking people, not afraid to go after a dream.  Let it be about the fact that as a nation we are a sincere people wanting to do good in this world.  Let it be about the fact that as a nation we are an accepting people, interested in the exciting differences we all bring to the table.  Let it be about the fact that as a nation we are a strong people willing to stand up for what we believe and the right to believe it.

Only as a nation are we as strong as we can be.  Only as a nation can we preserve this amazing ideal that we live.  Only as a nation can we learn, move forward and make a great future for you, your children and your children’s children.

So, as you reach this great milestone, this privilege, this burden - let it be about you...and the person to your left...and the person to your right...about the person to their left and to their right.  Let it be about hard work, let it be about sincerity, strength, acceptance...and most of all let it be about belief, belief in ourselves and in this nation of ours.

Go out and use your one vote to the best of your ability....cast it in the belief that this nation is an amazing one that it is our privilege to live in.

With all my love and high hopes for an amazing future to my voting girlie...

xoxo        Mom (Elizabeth)

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