Friday, October 19, 2012


Step by step, slowly but surely, the garden has grown!
We have been enjoying cooking up our own green beans...

watching the flowers grow....

and bringing them into the house to enjoy.

Since we have been enjoying the Summer garden so much...we decided to plant a Fall garden!  This is my first experience planting at this time of year....

and things seem to be going very well.  We put in broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, swiss chard, brussel sprouts, celery and onions.  The celery and onions are on their way out - I planted them right where the dog loves to cut across the garden....I don't think they are going to make it.
Our watering system is a gift from my neighbor Jessie.  When she was alive she taught me how to shape the beds so that you just lay the hose down in one spot and the entire vegetable bed fills up!  When the plants are small they also need to be watered from the top, but once they establish their roots they get all they need from filling the little canals.  Jessie used to come over and tell me that it was time to work in the yard!  I would take little Madison and Lane and out we would go to the vegetable garden (or where ever in the yard Jessie thought we should work!)  Lane would hold onto my skirt, Madison would grab a kid sized garden tool and we would dig and weed and water.  Jessie in her eighties could work circles around me!  What wonderful memories this new garden is bringing back to me!

The garden has grown even more since I took these pics...the broccoli is past my knees!  The tomatoes have taken over their portion of the garden....and yesterday I actually saw a red tomato!

Once you start planting all of these wonderful things the space seems very year I may have to take over more of the yard!  Our plans to get the whole backyard under control are progressing and I look forward to sharing our new outdoor space with you sometime in the Spring!

There is still time...go plant something!

xoxo      Elizabeth

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