Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Craft Classes!

A few weeks ago the craft supplies came out again for Art Time crafting classes!
I made some blank books so we could create Garden Books...

and I drew some images - some coloured and some to be coloured - to use along with fancy papers to decorate the books.  I also printed up garden tips and recipes so that each book could be full of fun Spring projects.
And, look what those crafty kids came up with!

It is always fun to see the creativity blossom.

Every student has his/her own way of being creative - it is very inspiring.

We learned how to make May Day Posies...and I am hoping that come May Day some lucky people find these hanging from their front doors!

Aren't these the cutest little Spring bunnies? Made from cotton balls...this is a project that we used to do with my mom!

And as my dad would say...."A good time was had by all!"

Thanks for coming to class crafters!

xoxo       Elizabeth

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