Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tortilla Making!

The other day I made one of our new favorite things....
It was a gorgeous Fall-ish afternoon...
and while Lane gazed out our kitchen window at this marvelous sunset I set to work making tortillas for our dinner.
This recipe is just 'the best' - I tried to make tortillas when I was younger and they were such a disaster.  This recipe makes great tortillas every time...and I am going to tell you something that I almost never say - Follow The Recipe - just the way it is.

Well...actually...I did change one thing.  I didn't have organic flour so I just used regular white flour, and it worked fine.

Sometimes we make burritos with our tortillas, but that night we decided to make chicken quesadillas. 
I had grabbed a cooked chicken at Costco (such a great deal...sometimes I get two!) ... already cooked chicken, some grated cheese, butter on the outside of our wonderful homemade tortillas and we were set.

The hardest part of the dinner was the tortillas...and they were easy!
So, a gorgeous sunset, good company, a great recipe and Voila! the perfect Fall-ish dinner!

Now get some flour and go make tortillas!  Then leave me a comment telling me what you did with them!

xoxo       Elizabeth


  1. Just printed the recipe, looks simple enough for me :) I'll send you a photo when I make them. Miss you!

  2. This has been a goal of mine to do since moving over here! So tough to find good ones in Scotland. :) thanks for the recipe!