Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Celebration

Saturday the family had a celebration to honour this lovely woman

We threw a heck of a party because that's what she would have done

There were flowers because Mom loved flowers and always had pretty arrangements in the house and at her parties

There were pretty tablecloths and sweet initials (Colleen I loved the B's!!!  Great job!)

It looked like a party for sure!

We even hung flowers....(for the people who asked - marthastewart.com )

We wanted to share something of our mom with everyone so we made packets of her recipes

We prepared many of Mom's wonderful dishes...

And in honour of the wonderful fruit 'waterfall' that Mom used to make - Jennifer created these gorgeous fruit and veggie baskets.  I think they are better looking than the ones that you can order...but that's just me...

 There were some of the sweetest cupcakes...with special little flowers and B's handmade by Jennifer and her daughter, Bethanne...and baked by my Lane!

We made some cute luminaries ( which didn't actually get lit until the after clean-up relaxation)

And chalk flowers led the way to the beautiful garden that Lyle has planted for his Bride...

We were so happy to have family and friends with us to remember our extraordinary Barbara

Special friends from Mom's first job at Metropolitan Insurance!

Me with little bro, Brad, and his Tina

Representing the Consani part of the family

Our wonderful neighbor from Mom and Dad's days on Willow Springs Road in Morgan Hill

 More of the Morgan Hill group

The wonderful lady who always made Mom's hair so lovely

 The Shad Man

Me and my Bethanne

My other sweetie niece Dominique

Dad saying beautiful things about his Bride

A sewing buddy

Jennifer and her hubby, Dennis

 Me and my hubby, Brian

Colleen and her hubby, Eddie

Four beauties...Madison, Lane, Bethanne, and Dominique

Bethanne with our wonderful Galaxy

Sharing some fun

Sharing some secrets!

 Some Habitat friends                                                     


Perusing the scrapbooks

Colleen, Galaxy and Dominique

My beautiful Lane

And, as we say in our family...because Dad says it....A GOOD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL

To those of you who were with us thank you for celebrating our Mom with us.  For those of you who couldn't make it we felt your presence.

Mom, we know you were with us, we miss you and we love you.

xoxo       Elizabeth

PS  Thanks to our wonderful photographer Madison who took most of these photos!


  1. Yes she was with us and she is missed and so very loved.... Her love is showing in all of you and what a wonderful tribute to a dear friend......Great idea with the notes to leave in remembrance and the great recipes... So happy to be a part of it all... You are missed Barbara and always loved...

  2. Hey I thought I posted to this the other day!!! What a goof I am. Thank you so much for doing this post, what a great way to thank the guest for coming. JS