Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Spy With My Little Eye

I thought it might be fun to give you a glimpse into the home of artsy-fartsy, always doin' a project, never quite have the mess cleaned up people...and that would be us - the Toel family.  My husband might take exception to this statement - in his mind it is the girlies and I that are the messy ones...but I know better.

For example let's take this photo:

Can you spy:

The forgotten Christmas stocking (there is at least one item each Christmas that ends up staying out all year because the boxes got put away and then it is found)

The fun art with our name from my friend Annie

Lane's peacock that is going in the fair

Some copper pieces that my Honey made

A grandfather clock that is slightly out of place

Paintings in the fireplace (not on the mantle like normal people)

My wonderful tissue flowers from Madison

The 'magic flower' that all the kiddos that come over want to play with - you would have to have seen one of these in action to appreciate it!

The Rumi book from my little bro and Tina  ( I am one day going to do a painting for them finding inspiration in this book)

A beautiful painting of freesias also by my Honey

Now....stop and think....this is one tiny corner of my house - can you even imagine what the rest of this place might look like?

Another glimpse:

This is my Madison's room.  We convinced her when she was small that she LOVED  fairies just so  we could make her this fairyland room!

Get ready for the I Spy:

Can you find the amazing hand cut flower cabinets that her Daddy made her

How many fairies can you count

What about the saw, towels, etc.  evidence of the new desk she is sitting in - a birthday gift from her Daddy to replace the cute little vanity that was there for little girl Madison

Can you find the LLadro clown that was her Mommy's when she collected clowns

The branches of the 'tree' we made for the fairies to hang out in

One happy and content girlie tucked away in her corner of the world

*** A note of interest - Lane also has a very special room that is currently undergoing a make-over.  We will share that with you when it is complete.

The last part of the house I will spring on you right now is my makeshift desk.  This is where I create almost everything from scrapbook pages to hand sewn purses to wedding corsages to crazy jewelry - and I almost NEVER clear it off!!!!!!!  Are you ready?

Can you spy:

My sis and I laughing and having a great time

My favorite Jiminy Cricket cup that somehow got a chip

My sweet snacks (there are at least two in this pic because I am never without a snack close by)

Two forms of communication because heaven forbid I should miss something!

A vintage flower pot

The sweet pincushion that Madison made for me

Take note of where the TV is located - when I am doing my artsy fartsy stuff the TV is never far away

Notes for a blog

A flower pot from the begonia that my Dad gave me for Easter - he picked it out himself!

You can't really see this, but the yellow cup that holds my pencils, stray knitting needles, pens, crochet hooks, paint brushes, etc  has the cutest little gnome on it

Well I could go on and on...but...I think you get the idea.  If you ever come for a visit there is plenty to look at in our house!  And if you don't feel comfortable with a little bit of a mess (or on some days a lot of a mess) or some piles of stuff here and there - well then you might need to just stand on the porch and peek in.  Don't worry I'll bring you a soda or something while you're out there!

Tell me something special about your house!

xoxo     Elizabeth

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  1. How great that some things never change. I remember you always had a house full of amazing things to look at. I think it all looks wonderful!