Thursday, June 24, 2010

Over Easy

Yesterday I decide to make a cake...went to the fridge to get the eggs out and the pooch, Miss Lena, had to come and see what I was doing...I pull the eggs out of the fridge she comes up between me and the fridge...pushes me, I lose my grip on the egg carton and.............


What a mess...........I hate cleaning up eggs.............they are so slimy, you can never get them all up in one swipe...............

Then the dog wants to lick them the time I'm done I don't even want to make a cake anymore...

And the waste....I hate wasting things....think of all the work those poor chickens went to, to make these wonderful eggs......

Just kiddin'.....

This is a carton of cupcakes that my girlies made!!!

A few years ago my sister got this fun cupcake book called.... Hello Cupcake....

It is amazing the things you can do with a cupcake!!!

We made these for our friend who loves penguins.....

***No real penguins were harmed at this party!!!

Recently my sis, Jennifer, found another cupcake book....What's New Cupcake?  Which she gave to Lane so they could each have one and share back and forth!!!  Cause that's what Aunties do.

This one is also filled with the funniest, cutest, most clever ideas for cupcakes.   Who would ever think that you could make cupcakes look like a dozen eggs, broken no less!!!

We decided the egg carton would be the perfect dessert for our pool date with the wonderful Avalos family (Hi Stacy, Dave, Tatum and Tristan!) - our friends that bring us yummy fresh eggs!

As cute and real as they look they really aren't that hard to do.  There are ingredients to consider - these needed lemon curd (which you could make yourself but I took the lazy way out and bought a jar), white chocolate, a cake mix, and canned frosting....oh and some food coloring.

Then you have to invest a little time...but the results are certainly worth it and don't require any crazy cooking skills.

So if you need a few projects for the summer and you want to be the hit of the parties you attend...I suggest you go out and buy yourself one or both of these wonderful cupcake books!

And don't trip over the dog on the way to the fridge!

What are you doing this summer?

xoxo      Elizabeth


  1. Love those cupcakes...Great pics Madison...hard to tell they are cupcakes even close up.

  2. Those are so fun! Thanks for sharing. I'm deep cleaning, working on home projects, fishing, traveling, running and reading. Oh, and I guess I should do some school planning as well. Smiles, m

  3. I knew that cookbook would be put to great use!