Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Jazzy Weekend

You know how it feels when people you love do the nicest things...when they make you feel special and spoiled...well, we have had quite a bit of that is one example....

 My sister, Jennifer, and her hubby (my brother-in-law!), Dennis, took Brian and I to the Monterey Jazz Festival to celebrate Brian's birthday and their anniversary (which as I am writing this I realize that I never even wished them a happy anniversary...that's a great way to show my thanks....)

I have never been - Brian went once....long ago....when he was a teenager...and has always wanted to go back.

It was really an amazing experience, there was so much more than I ever expected.

First the weather was perfect - and coming from a hot Merced summer that is saying a lot!  Then we got to sit under these gorgeous trees and listen to some of the best musicians in the world.

There were several stages and you could just wander from here to there listening to all different types of Jazz.  This is the outdoor stage where we started out....

Look at that fabulous woman!  Don't you love the yards of red tulle!  AND she could sing too!

 Speaking of women, there were several 'dancing' first we thought they were with the bands...then we realized they just enjoyed dancing!

It is hard to resist some of those tunes!

 This is one of the indoor stages where we saw some Japanese Jazz artists - incredible talent.

Unknown to me (but a fun surprise) there are people selling neat stuff at the Jazz when we wanted a little break we wandered around a bit.

Wonderful oversized hats.......perfect for all those days at the pool - next year I'm getting one of these...

Look at that purple!!!!!!! That would shade my whole self!

There were Stetson hats ( and that reminds me of another story of niceness that I may share with you at some point!) and this funny rattle snake hat...As I was taking my pics one of the saleswomen came up and said "Let me take your picture in that!"

So, if you ever wondered what I would look like in a leather rattle snake top hat - wonder no more!  Do you think I should have purchased it?

I found some boots that I could have worn all winter long, with every skirt I own!  For $275.00 I should have gotten the purple and the flowered ones!  Aren't they too fun!

Some adorable purses (why didn't I think of this!?) made out of story books and album covers.  So clever - (her business cards are even printed on Monopoly money!) - if you feel you need one just go here....

There was a lot of jewelry, some funky and some sophisticated...I will be saving my dollars for next year!

After some wandering we decided to go back to the outdoor stage to see Trombone Shorty - everyone else knew what we didn't...he was fantastic - and so - this was my view during that set...

People were everywhere trying to get a glimpse of Shorty...

Even in the trees!  Smart lady! 

 Jen enjoyed a yummy margarita while we listened to Trombone came in it's own little shaker!

I thought Shorty was great and would love to actually see him play and sing some day...

Take a quick listen to Shorty here:

Perfect shirt for the day....

The food at the Jazz Festival is another thing indeed....So much to choose from...Dennis ate a sausage sandwich, Brian had Jambalaya...and Jen and I found the Happy Cat and had some fresh and delicious sushi.

Accompanied by some sweet potato fries...

Lots of garlic, some ginger, and we think cilantro...very tasty.

 We relaxed a bit after our sushi and such...and then...

More music....

Kyle Eastwood - do you think he looks like his dad?  I do - Jen doesn't so much....

More food...

This is what inspired our Sunday BBQ pizza!

Some coffee...

Is that the best coffee shop you've ever seen?!  Right in the old car!

 Our men waiting while we shopped...they are too cool for school!         ( oh my girlies will be mortified that I actually said that!) but they do have that look.

Brian enjoyed a cigar...and Dennis was actually able to get us into the big 'Arena', but we can't tell you how or we would have to kill you....(that's just a saying)  But we did get to see Chick Correa - and he was GREAT!

So.... thanks is a small word - but we mean it really big when we say Thank You  - Jen and Den, we had a fantastic weekend...and were so glad to celebrate (in more ways than one) with both of you.  We love you and are saving our pennies so we can go again next year! 

Oh, and Happy Anniversary!

xoxo    Elizabeth


  1. It was a great weekend! Love ya both.

  2. Looks like you had a blast! Isn't thefairgrounds
    wonderful? We were there when Mike Hammar and the Nails played on the main stage for the Monterey Bay Blues Festival...for three was fun and the crowd was so relaxed.

  3. I LOVED this post! Wonderful pictures and commentary! Those cats taught me once a month back in high school for a jazz clinic we had! They're fabulous musicians and great people.
    I'm going to check out that link for those purses!! :)

    Oh, and Happy Anniversary, Jennifer and Dennis! :D