Sunday, September 12, 2010

Those Pointe-y Shoes!!!!!!!!

When you've been in ballet a long time, and you've worked really hard, and your muscles are very strong ...then you get to have a wonderful thing called pointe shoes!

And even though Madison has done this many times - every time is exciting.   We get to go to one of our favorite places - The Dance Bag - and Holly makes sure that we get just the right pointe shoes.

Sad to say, but there comes a time when the old pointe shoes are just too worn out to do their job.

We love them regardless and wouldn't dream of getting rid of them...but a new pair becomes a necessity.

So under the watchful eye of the ballerina doll - and - with Holly's careful guidance, we search for the perfect new pointe shoes.

Mom feet and ballerina feet!

Couldn't resist taking a picture of me taking a picture of me taking a that little pinky touch?

First the older shoes are put on and sort of scrutinized...

Don't you love the 'skinny' jeans and 'pointe' shoes?

then lots of pairs of shoes are considered...different sizes, sometimes different brands and styles, sometimes different widths....

different positions are tried out, the shoes are squeezed and pushed at...

now do this....

now do that...there is some talking between Holly and Madison - how does it feel here? Does this one feel more secure or does that one?  After careful consideration the new pair is chosen!!!  And a happy ballerina browses the store while Holly puts on the ribbons and elastics.

We look wistfully at the little ballerina clothes - these are no more for us....but maybe, just maybe we can buy some for Galaxy who we hope will be starting ballet this year!

Just look at those wonderful layers of pink fluffiness........

And those tutus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are racks of leotards....

and stacks of shoes...

There are crazy, fun things to spice it up...

and bags of every shape and size to put it all in!

This is one of my favorite sweet.

While you are here you can buy a shirt - this one would be perfect for my Bethanne...

or get a ballet card - hand made by our own Wendy Bright!!!

Don't forget to check out the fantastic window display....

right now it's Cinderella!

So much imagination and creativity always goes into these windows!

So, thank you Holly for all the special care you take with our special ballerinas -
a trip to The Dance Bag is always a treat.

And for us this shirt just about sums it all up!

xoxo    Elizabeth


  1. I knew Beth would love that shirt. What could be better peace & gymnastics. Do they really go together????

  2. Lovely post! I always wanted to be a ballerina :) xo