Saturday, September 18, 2010

More of the " I want that" girl...

Here's another little segment of the "I want that" girl...just look at these!

Now, I love rain boots.....ever since I was in college and had to get all the way from the bottom of campus to the top of campus in the rain carrying my books, walking up hill, trying not to get wet.  I wish I had a pic of me then, but let me describe it...I couldn't carry an umbrella because I didn't have enough hands with all the books, bags, etc. - soooo - I wore one of those bright yellow fisherman slicker-type hats pulled down as far as it would go on my head.  Then, I wore a long (mid-calf) yellow rain slicker...and...purple rain boots!  But wouldn't a pair of these have looked cute with that get-up!

How about this cow girl style?

Here's a pair for Tatum!

A cute city girl pair....

and my personal fav - the Geisha girls!  I of course would like several pairs of these wonderful rain boots and if you are in need of some also - then go here:

(yes there are three o's in there!)

They have quite a few other pairs, some for men and kiddos too!  How many are you gonna buy?

Looking for puddles to jump in!

xoxo    Elizabeth

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