Friday, September 10, 2010

Summer's End....

With a little sniff and a twinge of melancholy it is time to bid summer a fond

 It is time to wash all the towels...

Put away the lovely picnic baskets (see the one on top - I found it this summer at the Arnold Flea Market!!!)

And fold up the bags that we filled with pool goodies.

Our wonderful little oasis is closed till next summer.

Do you see our bag in the kitchen?  Made lots of great dinners in there!

No more 'school at the pool'

Look at all those post-its!

No more lounging with Lewis and Clark...

No more studying in our bathing suits - (now we will be doing that in our PJs!)

And Mr. Einstein's theory will be discussed in the living room!

So, we say goodbye to our summer days at the pool - knowing that they are that much sweeter because they only happen for a short time.

 And we think good thoughts for Marty the 'pool cat' - hoping winter is not too tough on him.

So long to those 'lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer...' (is that how the song goes?)  AND watch out Pumpkin Patch cause here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xoxo    Elizabeth


  1. NO! NO! It's too soon to say good bye.... but I do love the pumpkin patch!!!!

  2. this is such a sad but sweet post! It's so hard to say goodbye to warm weather : )