Monday, November 1, 2010

All Hallow's Eve - Teenage Style

So...Halloween with teenagers...this year my oldest was adamant that there be something fun going on at our house for Halloween.  What that would be we weren't sure at first.

 What would be appropriate....what would be fun...????  Then it came to us - why a rousing game of 21 of course!

So we hauled out the poker table that Brian got when he first discovered Texas Hold Em and got things set up...

We carved our pumpkins....

Here they are at the front door...the purple door that caused lots of concern in the neighborhood as we tried to find just the right purple to suit us.  (We tested out different purples - from Popsicle purple to eggplant purple - on the side of the house...neighbors were very frightened ) After the fact we were told by these neighbors that while they had been worried, they felt we ended up with the right purple...we think so too!

Lane went with a spider theme....

Madison's head was in the stars....(notice the little glass beads that finish off the moon's circle.)

And I started out thinking I was making a Chrysanthemum and ended up deciding it was a nice design - my creativity calls for a lot of flexibility!

We had a great variety of costumes....

 My girlies as a black widow spider and Miss M & M...
This Sally costume was really amazing - all hand sewn and can you see the little stitches on her neck and face?

we had a hobo with a pick axe (do hobos generally carry around pick axes?  I guess the ones you want to avoid do!)  and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas...

and a couple of pretty cute witches!

The Jack o Lanterns were lit....

 some inappropriate fun card games were played...and a good time was had by all!

Well, Sally had a little trouble with the hobo!!!

xoxo    Elizabeth


  1. Such fun! I just love that Sally costume. And great job on the pumpkins! Thanks for sharing :) xo

  2. Looks like a great night! The pumpkins looked amazing, especially at night.