Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sweet Sixteen

I have a sixteen year almost grown-up daughter...just where did those years go? did I get so much older!?

Our first born...

The beginning of a family.

And now....

this beautiful young woman.

So, of course we had to have a little celebration - or lots of celebrations!

We had a little dinner party - 16 candles, 16 fairies on the table...and for good measure some fun Mexican gum!

Do you have one of these plates?  They are so fun for special celebrations!

 Lane made Madison a special 4 layer chocolate cake - because her favorite cake is the 7 # chocolate cake from Costco!

There was ballet on the actual birthday day and so Lane made some more sweets...

Some darling fortune cookie cupcakes (from one of the Hello Cupcake books) with a 'Happy Sweet 16' fortune!

To top it all off we took a trip to Auntie Jenny's house (well Uncle Dennis lives there too!) and had a fun day at the beach!  Capitola Village - one of our favorite places.

We drove up and there was a parking space waiting for us and the perfect bench to eat our picnic lunch at!  ( and sometimes you can drive round and round the Village and never find a spot!) That was some birthday luck!

Had to have a picture of Zelda's in Capitola as I wanted to name Madison Zelda but the entire family threw a fit!

Then there were gifts back at the house...

and some more sweets!!!!!!!!

A yummy brownie cake with vanilla ice cream and mint chocolate ganache poured over. 

Some birthday wishes.

In the morning we ended our week of celebrations with a brunch of crepes - or French Pancakes - as our Honey (my grandfather) always called them.  And, in his tradition we always make some creatures or such with the last bit of batter - so.......

one last sweet 16!

Happy Birthday my Sweet Sixteen - I have thoroughly enjoyed all sixteen of these years!

xoxo    Elizabeth (Mom)


  1. Aww Mommy, you're making me cry. I actually read this one one time c= maybe I am getting better? I feel like saying something nice and special to wrap up my 16 years and all you have done for me, but I can't think of anything just right except maybe... I love you. So so much. M

  2. What a beautiful celebration filled with beautiful and kind women!! :) Miss you all!