Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's That Time Again!!!!!!!!

No...not Christmas - Nutcracker!!!!!!!!!!

Time to get out that Mother Ginger dress and see if it still works...

 There are boxes of costumes to be ironed...

The car looks like a costume factory...

and the glittering contraption has come out!  (This is the greatest thing - some of the other ballet moms helped me invent it - umbrella in plaster of paris - open the umbrella, put the costume over the top and Ta Da you can easily glitter all sides at once!)

It is a crazy time at the Toel House during Nutcracker - as the Toel's (that's us) are in charge of making sure that all the costumes and a lot of the props are at their best for the production. 

I have been sewing on rick rack...

and putting together headpieces (with Lane's help!)...

and tending to the petals on various tutus!

We are rounding up craft materials to repair props here and there...

and creating various items to be sold at the Sweet Shoppe!

It is a crazy time - and tons of fun!  So if you stop by don't be surprised if you are covered in glitter when you leave the house...or you are given a costume or two to sew on!

The Merced Academy of Dance's production of the Nutcracker is one that shouldn't be missed.  Our dancers have been rehearsing non-stop and our director - Jane Vann Bryan is working like a mad-woman really hard to make this year's show spectacular.

So come on down and see the show....December 3 @ 7pm and December 4 @ 2pm and 7pm at the Buhach High School Theatre - you won't be sorry!

And tell them Elizabeth sent you.

xoxo     Elizabeth

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  1. that sounds like so much fun! I love the Nutcracker... you're clearly a very talented seamstress!