Saturday, December 11, 2010

Back from the Land of the Sweets!!!!!!!

Well, Nutcracker totally eclipsed everything else as usual, but well worth it and we are working our way back into real life!

These pics are from my friend Stacy as I was unable to get any good ones! Thank you Stacy!!!!!!!!

The show was fabulous - all the girls worked so hard and danced so well......they are an amazing group.
Here are the Arabian dancers - look at those gorgeous wings in the back...they came all the way from Egypt!

Speaking of is her daughter Tatum doing her Doll dance.

Lane did the Soldier dance this year.  Isn't that the cutest tutu!?
A fantastic job - her first solo!

This is the Flowers dance and the Rose Queen, our Chelsea!  She did such a beautiful job and look at that lift!  My girlies and I redid her costume this year .....

Here is a close up of it - the girlies helped me sew every one of those leaves and flowers on one by one!
Madison in Flowers.  She has been doing this dance for about 6 years and it is one of her favorites.

My girlies again...Lane played the maid this year - and this is Madison in Snow.  She has to be on pointe to be as tall as Lane! 

This is our Galaxy's first year in the Nutcracker - the Mouse year!  She was a perfect little mouse of course!

Now the Christmas Season has officially begun for us and we have some time to focus on decorating the house and making the presents!

So come on by for a Hot Toddy or some Eggnog in a Santa cup!!!!!  We'd love to see you.

xoxo     Elizabeth